The Crested Iris group, as available in Australia consist of several species and their hybrids. Many come from the cooler regions of Asia.

Iris Cristata - This comes from the Appalachian Mountains of the USA. It likes cool semi-shade and acid soil, similar to camellias and azaleas. It becomes dormant in winter. The leaves are usually less than 10cm tall and it has flowers almost 5cm in diameter, that are blue-violet with an orange crest.


Iris Tectorum is the largest bloomed Evansia Iris.  The soft blue flowers are 10cm in diameter and have a prominent white crest. The bloom stems are 30-45cm tall with 3-4 blooms per stem.  It is widely known as the Japanese roof iris as it was grown on the thatch of Japanese and Chinese houses. It is fairly hardy but needs protection from hard frosts and prefers well mulched damp soil. There are several hybrids, the best know is "Paltec" which a bearded iris crossed with i.tectorum

Iris Japonoica. This loves growing in the same conditions as azaleas and camellias, and is not tolerant of salty water. It has an almost bamboo like habit with the plants being about 60cm tall and producing large sprays of dainty frilly 8cm blooms which are pale lavender with darker markings around the yellow-orange crest.  

Bourne Graceful, is a cultivar of I Japonica but it has very frilly flowers with yellow crests and darker spotting. Registered height 42"

Another cultivar is Fairyland. This is a smaller plant with smaller lighter coloured flowers.

Also Tenchong Lace is a newer cultivar with lovely purple stems and well-formed candelabra of blooms


I Wattii is the tallest growing Evansia which can be up to 160cm with blooms similar colouring to Bourne Graceful. It produces large sprays of blooms.


I Confusa is a white evansia iris with yellow crests Height 32"





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